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water chemicalfeeder


AQUAS DISPLACEMENT CHEMICAL FEEDER provide simple and effective means for adding chemical solution to water or other liquids provided that the liquid to be treated is conveyed in a pipe under pressure.

Practically any chemical solution, which is a true solution and not a suspension, can be dosed into a pipeline carrying the liquid to be treated in quantities approximately proportional to the flow since the principle of operation depends upon the differential pressure set up on either side of an orifice plate inserted in the main pipe line. At all times the solution is kept at its made up strength as it meets no pressure water until actually injected into the pipeline.

Amongst others these feeders can be very conveniently used for feeding the following solutions:
  1. Sodium Hydroxide for pH correction.
  2. Bleaching Powder or Sodium hypo Chlorite solutions for sterilizing the water.
  3. Alum and Sodium Aluminate solutions for coagulation.

As shown in the figure the unit consists essentially of a pressure vessel containing a loose bag secured by its neck at the top of the vessel by rubber lined neck piece in the side of which a screwed outlet pipe is fitted. A top cover plate, which bolts on to the neck piece is furnished with a quick release cover by which the solution is filled into the feeder.

An orifice plate assembly with upstream and down stream connection pieces are provided for insertion in the main water pipe line. Tappings are taken from either side of the orifice plate, the upstream line feeding to the feeder tank itself and the down stream line to the screwed outlet pipe connected .to the rubber bag containing the solution. A drain valve is provided for emptying the water from the vessel after the solution has become exhausted and recharging is necessary.

A Rotameter is provided for flow adjustment in the upstream tapping attached to the vessel.

An Air Release cock is attached to the neck of the vessel for the purpose to release the air in the vessel after the bag is been refilled and plants IS been started.


8 Gallon 35 liters
16 Gallon 70 liters
24 Gallon 110 liters
32 Gallon 140 liters
48 Gallon 220 liters